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This quote from the article should anger everyone who supports Term Limits and wants to end corruption in DC. “In response to all of this, advocates for term limits are likely to point to polling showing that Americans strongly back term limits for Congress in support of their argument. While this polling appears to be accurate in terms of the measurement of public support for the idea, though, it does not show that opposition to term limits is something that politicians would pay a significant political price for in a future election.

First of all, voting against term limits hasn’t proven fatal to politicians in the past notwithstanding public support for the idea. Second, it’s not at all clear that this is an issue that the public considers highly important compared to issues such as national security and the economy. As long as that’s the case, the level of public support for the idea isn’t likely to change the likely outcome in either Congress or the states at any time in the near future.”

Until they see an aggressive campaign waged against them and they begin to fear us, we will never get Term Limits passed.

How bad do you want to pass term limits? Signup, share, donate, and get involved. The only thing politicians understand is fear. Let’s make them fear us.

Term Limits Only A Partial Solution To The Problems Plaguing Congress


Congressional Term Limits


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